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Create and share your Photo Albums in a pair of minutes


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Do you want to surprise your friends with a great photo album? Virtual Album Maker is the useful program you need to produce a 3D virtual album in your computer.

Organize, protect, and share your photos as 3D album. It is really easy to use, you choose if you will do a pair of steps or if you will create a more worked album, including music, animations, choosing colors, the order and position of the photos,...

When we talk about sharing, we are talking about sharing the whole album, and the friend or relative who receives the album doesn’t need to have installed Virtual Album Maker, because you can send an executable album.

Of course, you don’t need to be an advanced user if you want to create your photo album, but if you are, you will be able to make it better by applying your knowledge on it.

Make your own digital virtual 3D album in a pair of minutes and share it. Photo Albums have never been so easy to create as with this piece of software.

In addition you can set your photo album as screensaver, mini Album, autoexecutable Album or a simple album.

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